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Two Rare Colson Fenders.  One a Peaked; The Other Fancy. Both came on a Colson Scout I acquired a little while ago.  That bike was built in 1938.  My Colson Flyer from the 1920's has fenders like the fancy one.  The peaked fender has a newer reflector on it.  The reflector is NOT prewar.  Both fenders have flat struts.  On side of the Peaked Fender Struts has some nuts and bolts holding the various pieces together.  What you see is what you get.  All Items Sold AS Is!

NOS Spring for Springer Fork.  Not Schwinn.  Mostly clean.  Bolt in the middle looks somewhat rusty.  The rest is clean including the yoke.  Rubber looks OK.  What you see is what you get.  All Items Sold AS Is!

Twin Dual Headlights with Cool Visors for your Schwinn!!!

Lightweight Dual Head Lights that mounts right onto your head tube.  Takes batteries.  Would look cool on your next night ride for the Holiday Parades!!

New Departure Twin Streak Model 2D Hub Lever

Safety Shift for a New Departure Twin Streak Multi Range Coaster Brake Model 2D Hub.  Plating is in good shape.  Good knickknack item to leave laying around your pad to impress your friends.


NOS New Departure Model D Transfer Springs  Rear Hubs

These little buggers are just what you need to if your New Departure Coaster Brake is slipping a bit as y'all pedal forward.  There are NOS.  There are two in the one package up for auction.  These transfer springs are made by Wald.

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Many Other Schwinn Items Available! All items sold as is. Payment by Paypal preferred. Payment by Cash upon pick-up of stuff with prior approval only! The Fine Print: Ask All Questions Before Bidding! Payment or Contact within 3 Days. All items sold in "as is condition." After 7 days no pay/contact from winning bidder I reserve the right to assume you are not willing to fulfill your obligation. The transaction will be canceled and no longer available to you. Neg feedback will be left & ebay notified.

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