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Ghana Internet

Africa Online
The Ghana version of the Telkom South Africa.  Telkom SA is the Telco monopoly in South Africa.  Probably not our best choice.

Ghana Telecom
Seems to the main Government Phone Company.  They offer POTS, Cell and Internet.  Link to Exchange Map.

Ghana on the Internet
From the Stanford University Library.  Maybe things y'all have already looked.

Internet Ghana
Seems to be a startup.  They are looking to buy back unused Skyburst branded 3G cellular modems.  Might be our entre if we can find some here.  There a couple on eBay for about $100 each.

Telematics Usage for Ghana's Development
Has an older paper that attempts to assess the level of computer literacy as well as the level of information production and consumption at institutional level.

Network Computer Systems
Seems to be the big player in Ghana.  Maybe the only player.  Seems to have ties to the government.  Probably all other use NCS network for resale

Ghana Internet Service Providers Association
This links take you to some other docs on Internet use in Ghana.




Ghana Domain Name Registry





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