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Encinitas Holiday Parade 2008


Rambo's Parade Cycle Rambo's Parade Cycle View West Jeffrey Decorating The DX BriBomb's Cruiser At The Cardiff Zoo
They Tell Me It's All Happening At The Zoo Rambo and Stacey Termite, Christine, Shawn, &  Mark Getting Ready Pre-Parade
Pre-Parade Festivities Berniece Donna and Her Hubby The Staging Ground Post Parade Group More Staging
Jeanette and The Shelby At The Cardiff Zoo Post Parade Group Shot
Post Parade  


• Rambo's Parade Cycle •
• Rambo's Parade Cycle View West •
• Jeffrey Decorating The DX •
• BriBomb's Cruiser •
• At The Cardiff Zoo •
• Pre-Parade Group •
• They Tell Me It's All Happening At The Zoo •
• Jeanette and The Shelby •
• Berniece Donna and Her Hubby •
• The Staging Ground •
• More Staging •
• Rambo and Stacie •
• Getting Ready •
• Pre-Parade •
• Termite, Christine, Shawn, &  Mark •
• Pre-Parade Festivities •
• Post Parade Group Shot •
• Post Parade Group •
• Post Parade •
• Helen's Pix of Parade 2008 •

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